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Alco Manufacturing Ltd, Copper Braid, Customised Braid connectors & cable accessories.

Copper Braid

copper braid


Alco manufacture a range of flat and circular copper braids, from very fine single braids to heavy duty. Alco quality produced braids are usually used for continuous current conductors or earth straps (earth bonding cables).

Alco can manufacture any size and construction of plain or tinned copper braid. Specialist materials are available including stainless steel, aluminium and nickel plated copper.

Alco also offer PVC covered flat braids to customerís specification.

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Flexible Braided Connectors

flexible braided connectors


Flexible copper braided connectors provide maximum conductivity with minimum voltage drop. Flat connectors are terminated using copper tube, which is compressed on to the braid before the hole is punched. Circular connectors are usually terminated with copper tube terminals or a swaged ferrule.

Alco manufacture to the customers requirements any size, number, circular holes, square holes, slots, solder dip. You name it we will produce it!

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Copper Rope/Strand

copper rope/strand


Copper rope or strand is a highly flexible solution to projects were vibration or a tight bend radius is required. Alco manufacture in-house according to customer specifications, drawings or samples. We offer technical assistance to achieve the correct solution for your specific use.

We specialise in copper rope or strand assemblies. Copper tube terminals, pressed flat ferrules or swaged ends are just some of the terminations we offer.

Cable Cut, Strip and Assembly

cable cut, strip and assembly


Alco offer a full cut, strip, semi-strip facility along with full assemblies to include termination of leads. The latest automated machines are used to fulfil any of your requirements, be they large or small quantities as well as large or small cables.

Please put us to the test - more often than not we will manufacture the finished product for less than you can make it in-house.

Earth Bars

Earth Bar


Alco manufacture any size or shape of copper earth bar you require. Standard 6 way and 10 way earth bars, along with single and twin disconnecting links, are available from stock.

Alco offer the facility to produce any size or shape copper earth bar. Contact us and put us to the test !

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Bespoke Products

Bespoke Products


Heavy duty copper busbars or copper pressings. Produced to customers requirements utilising the latest techniques in bending, punching, brazing and finishing.

The alternative to rigid busbars. Laminated connectors provide flexibility, whilst still giving cross sectional area, shape and end fixings.

Earth links and tabs, just 2 examples of the copper and brass pressings produced on our fully automated line.

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Cable Accessories

Cable Accessories


To compliment our manufactured products, we are distributors of a wide range of cable accessories which includes copper tube terminals (lugs), cable ties, cable tie anchors, pre-insulated terminals, butt connectors, pin terminals, cord ends and heat shrink tubing.

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