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Alco Manufacturing Ltd, Copper Braid, Customised Braid connectors & cable accessories.

Bespoke Products

Copper Busbars

Developed for the electrical distribution industry and are generally used for generators and switchgear, heavy duty copper busbars are manufactured to customers requirements using the latest techniques in bending, punching, brazing and finishing. Materials available include copper, stainless steel and aluminium. We can manufacture to any shape, size or quantity. Finishes include sleeved, tin plate and silver plate. Bespoke Busbars

Copper Laminates

The alternative to rigid busbars, copper laminate connectors provide the same properties and usage as above but with flexibility, still giving cross sectional area, shape and end fixings. The components are made up using thin copper sheet that can be wound or press welded. Laminates are usually plain copper but can be tin plated copper should you require. We can produce any shape, size or quantity so get in touch! Copper Laminates

Copper Laminates

Brass and Copper Pressings

Pressed copper and brass components of all sizes and volumes are produced using our automated presses. Earth links, earth tabs and special terminals are just some examples of the brass and copper pressings we currently manufacture at a competitive price. In-house tin plating facility helps reduce costs further. Press tools can also be manufactured by Alco. Should you need assistance with a design of a new component or a prototype call us now. Bespoke Pressings
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